10 Tips For Swimming With A Hair Replacement System

10 Tips for Swimming with a Hair Replacement System

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Adam Bennet

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We really can feel that oh god why me faces sitting at the corner of every swimming pool worrying about wet hair or wet hair system while everyone over there are diving into pools and are creating bubblish memories! Oh! Just a second are you that oh my god person sitting just at the corner of the pool? Ah. we got you! Concerned with the hair system still we got you, BUT HOW?
See there are plenty of solutions available so next time you do not need to miss out on memories you will cherish forever!
Wearing a hair system doesn’t restrict you from your daily activities and enjoying any water based activities. We at IHS give you the green flags to get into the water and enjoy with all your heart while wearing that hair system. But again as they say precautions are always better than cure it is always suggestable to take a cure before it is too late!
ALERT: Before YOU jump into the water understand the basics and precautions.

How Swimming Can Affect Your Hair system?

The key points that need your attention when you are about to get into the water with your hair system ON!

The damaging effects of chlorine on hair system:

Have you noticed your skin when you come out of the pool? It feels super dry, correct? That is only because of chlorine. Chlorine is a harsh chemical that will even dry out your hair system if it is not managed properly.

Effects of chlorine on hair system:

  • 1. Chlorine will take away all the natural oils from your hair
  • 2. Chlorine can cause discoloration, as it will fade or change the colour of hair, the bronze and gold will then turn into greenish tint coloured hair.
  • 3. Frizziness: Chlorine can cause hair cuticles to lift which can lead to frizz and tangles.
  • 4. Scalp irritation: Chlorine will create a space on your scalp leading towards itchiness, dryness and flakiness.

How saltwater can affect the longevity of your hair system?

Salt water left in your hair system can leave your hair brittle and dry. Swimming is pathway towards overexposure of salty water
Simultaneously salt water can dry out and discolour your hair if you leave it on for too long, so always make sure you rinse your hair off before swimming and after swimming immediately.

Impact based on your hair system:

The impact of chlorine water or say swimming on hair system is further been bifurcated into two types of hair :

1. Natural hair

2. Synthetic hair

Typically the hair system is made up of human hair and synthetic hair and these both are the non surgical hair solutions.
Synthetic hair is cautious to heat, whereas human hair is prone to damage from chlorine and salt water. Human hair will give that natural appearance but on the other side they are susceptible to saltwater damage.
The synthetic hair is different from the human hair as they don’t get faded or oxidised easily when they come in contact with chlorine water.

Tips for swimming with hair system on:

1. Go for waterproof adhesive:

This tip will not only safeguard your hair but will also give you a sigh of relief when you are inside of the water and will let you enjoy it freely. Apply waterproof adhesive on your hair system before you jump into the water and tadah you’re all set.

2. Secure your hair system with extra clips:

This tip will be your saviour and will add an extra layer of protection on your hair system. Swimming on the other hand is a physical activity where you are constantly moving your hands and body, so it can be possible that in those movements your hair system gets disturbed a bit! So to avoid that case an extra clips will become your best friend.

3. Apply a thick layer of conditioner or hair oil

Both of these methods will ultimately lock in the moisture and will not let your hair system get dry at all. On the other side, hair oil will work as a protecting shield towards chlorine and salty water and will not let your hair system go dry or itchy.

4. Shower yourself quickly before and after swimming

This is the most ultimate cure to avoid any itchiness, dryness and irritation to your scalp because a quick shower immediately will eliminate the chlorine and salty water before it sets on your skin and hair.

5. Wear a swim cap

We all know that this little swim cap can do wonders just like that! All you have to do is grab a cap, wear it and jump, feels awesome and secure right? So do not forget your safe guard caps when you’re just about to dive in!

6. Apply hair mask

Hair masks are introduced only to provide nourishment and protection to the hair system and that is what is needed the most when you’re wearing your hair system and are about to experience the best water thrill. So do not forget to wear the finest quality HAIR MASK.

7. Wash your hair system immediately after swimming

When you wash your hair system right after swimming, the chances are rare that the chlorine water develops into your scalp as immediate actions such as quick wash will do not create any hassle for your hair system.

8. Use shampoo specifically designed for swimmers

This shampoo can do wonders to your hair system because it will directly replenish moisture and it will keep your scalp healthy and strong even if you have driven your hair system in chlorine water.

9. Use sun protection products

The sun products will lock your hair and will protect them while you’re swimming outdoors.

10. Keep a backup plan ready and carry hair system with you

Backups are mandatory as they will not let you down even if you’re stuck with an emergency as all you have to do is take out the system and wear it just like that!


However, there’s still a risk of the adhesive weakening or the hair system becoming dislodged due to prolonged water exposure, especially in chlorinated or saltwater pools.
It’s recommended to consult with your hair system provider for specific guidelines on swimming with your particular system. In conclusion, while some individuals do swim with their hair systems, it’s important to proceed with caution and follow proper care instructions to minimise the risk of damage or displacement.

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Adam Bennet is a Certified Trichologist at IHS Hair replacement with over 21 years of Unbeatable experience. Throughout his remarkable career, he has successfully completed an impressive 8000 hair replacement systems. Adam is dedicated to transforming lives and boosting self-confidence so that one can live with all the pride and confidence. Adam Bennet has served over 800 satisfied clients and still-counting, while helping them get their natural appearance and emotions back with all the pride and confidence.

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