Can Hair Systems Cause Damage to Scalp and Natural Hair?

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Adam Bennet

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Are hair systems safe to use? Are there any side effects if we wear a hair system for a long duration? Does the hair system affect the scalp or the natural hair? These are the set of questions people often ask Google at least once every day.
Now, the question is what is the reality? Here is the answer: Hair systems are absolutely safe for the scalp and for the natural hair too! 
Let us see what George Menya has to say on wearing a hair system for 7 years, he said:
“I have been suffering from hair loss for the last 10 years, and started wearing a hair system for 7 years. So far no changes to natural hair. Still coming thick in the areas that were thick.”
The fact that has to be known by everyone is that the hair system will offer a level of protection against the sun and will protect sensitive scalps from the elements.

Do the hair system damage the scalp/ natural hair?

The short and simple answer is NO!

The reasons why the hair system will never damage the scalp and natural hair:

  • The hair systems are designed in a way that will let the airflow pass to your scalp by using lightweight and breathable material that also offers natural comfort to your head & scalp.
  • In 90% of the cases, the hair systems are made of pure human hair to maintain the integrity of natural hair followed by other precautions and that is the reason why the demand for human hair systems is supposed to grow by over 7.8% during the forecast period of 2021-2026.
  • At the time of attachment, proper care has been taken by only using the medical grade tapes and A-rated adhesives that are non-allergenic and non-irritating too.
  • The fitting and application are undertaken under the guidance of a hair professional/hair specialist to ensure all the elements used are of the best quality.
  • The hair replacement systems for about 95% are custom-made, meaning a patch test at the time of application has been conducted, and measurements as per the head shape and size are taken to ensure a balanced fitting of a hair system neither too tight nor too loose.

How to take care of your scalp/ natural hair with a hair system?

Wearing a hairpiece comes with its own set of care!
But yes at the same time, there is no rocket science when it comes to taking care of your scalp/natural hair, a simple and sorted scalp/natural hair care is all you need!
Here you go with what needs to be done if you want your scalp to stay healthy along with your hair system all day long,
  • Wash your scalp frequently, if possible remove the hair system at night, wash your scalp next morning and then wear the system again.
  • Moisturize the scalp as the skin underdneth the scalp is sensitive and asks for the nourishment, so one can use natural oils such as lavender or can also use aloevera gel to sooth the scalp and moisturize it at the same time.
  • Try to exfoliate your scalp once a week, as this thing will remove all the build up of dead skin underneath your scalp skin.
  • Keep your hair system hygienic by washing as and when required because if you wear a hair system that is not washed or taken care of properly chances are it will adversely impact your scalp and natural hair.
  • Use scalp protectors every time you attach your hair system to remove natural oil, scalp protectors will not only strengthen the bond of adhesive but will also safeguard your scalp from any itchiness.


Never been the case since years that a hair system has ever damaged the scalp or natural hair. 

So, to be rest assured all you have to do is follow a proper hygiene routine, use quality & hair specialist-instructed products only, and at last let your scalp breathe ( Remove hair system on time) and you are all set to go! 

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Adam Bennet

Adam Bennet is a Certified Trichologist at IHS Hair replacement with over 21 years of Unbeatable experience. Throughout his remarkable career, he has successfully completed an impressive 8000 hair replacement systems. Adam is dedicated to transforming lives and boosting self-confidence so that one can live with all the pride and confidence. Adam Bennet has served over 800 satisfied clients and still-counting, while helping them get their natural appearance and emotions back with all the pride and confidence.

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