Can you dye a hair system?

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Adam Bennet

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Anything can happen at any time and anywhere, when you’ve ordered that custom-made hair system all things were good, but suddenly you start to feel like it is not going with your vibe.

Chances can be that you have a few more gray hairs than you used to have or your hair is looking dull or we can say that you’re just damn bored, and the list goes on. What to do now? Simple dye your hair system!
Wait, right there! 
Dyeing a hair system can be fun but only when you watch it on Youtube or celebrities like Zayn Malik or Bad Bunny.
But in reality, it is like trying to hit a bullseye with a dart. Usually what happens is when you take the job in your hand you may go a shade lighter or darker as well, this will directly disturb the color of your natural hair and you will not get the desired result.
So to answer the question: Can you dye a hair system – The answer is yes and no! To find out why the answer is yes and no both hang on till the end of this blog.

Can you dye a hair system?

The answer is Yes and no! There is no need to get confused, just read the reasons for yes and no to understand better how it works. 
Yes ( Only when you follow the instructions from the hair-system specialist)
Here is the list of questions you have to ask the hair-system specialist:
Question 1 – Can I dye the hair system that I currently use? 
Question 2 – What type of dye should I use ( Any specific brands) 
Question 3 – If I dye a hair system will that affect on its lifespan?
Question 4 – What adjustments should I make to achieve the desired shade?
Question 5– Do I perform a color test on a single strand? 
Question 6 – What are the risks involved?
Question 7 – Any aftercare recommendations?
If you get answers to all these questions and feel that you can do your best, then go ahead and color your hair system at your own risk.
NO( Because what professionals know you don’t know, simple as that)
  • Professionals always come in with their expertise & knowledge.
  • Professionals know exactly how to mix colors that will greatly create a desired shade for your natural hair color.
  • Professionals will follow all the necessary precautions that might damage your natural hair beforehand.
  • Professionals work with uniformity they will apply dye evenly onto the hair system, this step is tricky to achieve at home.
  • Professionals have the accurate tricks and tools to deliver consistent color to the entire system.
“The safety of your hair system’s is in your hands”.

How to dye a hair system?

Demi Lovato once said, “ You know you have made it in life when you can dye your hair”.

The tools needed:

  • Styrofoam head
  • Wide-tooth comb or brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic/ceramic container
  • Hair dye ( Developer and natural color hair dye)
  • Shampoo
  • Leave-in- conditioner
  • Clean towel

The preparation and method :

Step 1: Wash your hair system gently using a mild shampoo and then apply a leave-in conditioner for about 15 minutes, this way you will remove all the dirt and smoothen up the hair system.
Step 2: Now fix the Styrofoam head with an aluminum foil tightly. This step will prevent any contact with the dye that could compromise the sensitivity of the hair system.
Step 3: Check the density of the hair system, this will give you an idea of how much hair dye you will need during the process.
Step 4: Wear rubber gloves take the container and start mixing the dye to your chosen color the chosen color has to be two shades lighter than your desired finished color.
Step 5: Now create sections and apply the dye section by section using a wide tooth comb to distribute the dye evenly into the entire hair system. Here take extra care of the base of your hair system

Step 6: Follow the instructions on how long the dye will stay on your hair system, it is mentioned on the label of the dye or you can also consult a hair specialist for the same.

Step 7: Now, check if the desired color has been achieved on your hair system, if yes rinse your hair system by letting the water runs into it gently. Use shampoo another time to remove extra dye/color.
Step 8: Use a leave-in-conditioner to lock the color into your hair system.
Step 9: Use a clean towel to dry your hair system. 
Step 10: You can also use an air dryer to quickly dry your hair system.  
Step 11: Now, gently remove the tangles  and style your hair system as you want. 


In conclusion, the question “Can you dye a hair system?” has been thoroughly explored, and it’s evident that dyeing a hair system is indeed possible, but with an expert’s opinion in hand.

Whether you’re looking to match your hair system to your natural hair color or experiment with a new look, what matters is using correct dyeing tricks and products specifically made for synthetic or human hair systems.

So, if you are the one who is about to take the next step in dyeing the hair system, reach out to IHS London. Our team will help you achieve the perfect color for your hair system while enhancing your confidence and style greatly. 

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Adam Bennet

Adam Bennet is a Certified Trichologist at IHS Hair replacement with over 21 years of Unbeatable experience. Throughout his remarkable career, he has successfully completed an impressive 8000 hair replacement systems. Adam is dedicated to transforming lives and boosting self-confidence so that one can live with all the pride and confidence. Adam Bennet has served over 800 satisfied clients and still-counting, while helping them get their natural appearance and emotions back with all the pride and confidence.

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