Can you sleep with a hair system?

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Adam Bennett

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Would it be possible to sleep comfortably with the hair system? This is the question many people have, like those considering a hair system or are currently wearing one! You are tired and want a good night’s sleep, but that worry about your hair system is pretty daunting. Isn’t it?
See, our existing hair can tolerate all this stress, but even the best hair system can be damaged by friction that comes from tossing and twisting while you are sleeping!
Sleeping with a hair system is possible, where you do not have to remove the hair system. However, there are a few things to consider even before taking those “forty winks.” Let’s quickly see those things so you can take the best care of a professionally installed men’s hair replacement system. 

Can you sleep with a hair system?

Yes, you can sleep with a hair system because hair systems are designed for everyday use, including sleeping!
But as they say, with great advantage comes greater responsibility, which is precisely the case with a hair system when you sleep with it. So, gear up and head to the next section, where we’ll share some tips on securing your hair system for a restful night’s sleep!

Tips for sleeping with hair system

So, you’ve finally decided to keep your hair system on for bedtime. Great! here you go with the best tips for securing your hair while you are sleeping;

1. Give your hair system a night-time routine

Just as your face needs a good cleanse and moisturise at night, your hair system needs pre-sleep care, too. Moisture is the enemy of a secured bond. Any leftover sweat can directly affect the bond’s strength, and your hair system might lose its grip. Avoid getting into a mess, and ensure your scalp and base are correctly dry & sweat-free.

2. Do not sleep with wet hair

Sleeping with wet hair can cause tangling, and that tangling further will lead to the shedding of hair while damaging your hair. Give your hair a proper time and let it dry before you sleep.

3. Gently brush out tangles

Remove any tangles in the hair system before you sleep. This step is crucial as it prevents knots and ensures the hair system remains smooth and manageable. You can take advantage of wide-tooth combs because they are an ideal match for detangling tangles from hair systems without any breakage or pulling.

4. Secure your hair system

When choosing an adhesive method, be it Glues or Tapes, make sure to opt for those that stay longer because such adhesives offer a stronger hold that will not allow the hair system to move while you are sleeping.  At the same time, it is still essential to check the adhesive method & make necessary changes to maintain a perfect hold and fit. 

5.Wear a headscarf or sleeping cap

This addition to your night routine will add a layer of protection against friction while minimising tangles. A headscarf or sleeping cap will keep your hair system in place. Adding to that, this practice will save your hair system from the damage of tossing and turning at night. 

6. Use satin pillowcase

Cotton or polyester material of pillowcases is very harsh on the hair system. When you sleep on such pillowcases, they will create friction on the hair system, leading to much damage and tangling.
Opt for the silk or satin pillowcases as they are very good with your hair and reduce the damage caused by tossing and turning at night.


Sleeping with a hair system is possible with the right care and products. So all you have to do is to ensure the hair system is of high quality, secured with the correct adhesives and backed with the perfect night-time routine along with great comfort and longevity. For the best advice and quality products, you can always approach IHS Hair Replacement London.

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