Everything You Need to Know About V Loop Ventilation for Skin Hair System

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Best decision! So, you’ve made the right choice to explore Men’s Hair Replacement Systems to solve your hair loss. Now, achieving that natural, undetectable look is likely to be at the top of your mind, quite rightly so!

When it comes to hair systems, that translates to a base & appears seamless is all we want – like the hair is simply growing from your scalp. Imagine a base that looks just like your second skin, that is where the best technique named V loop ventilation for the skin base hair system comes into the picture.

What is the V-loop Ventilation Method?

The V-loop ventilation method is a technique that does not have knots on the base.
The hair is injected into the skin base and then out again, which means the hair is sewn almost in a V or U shape to the roots. The v-loop ventilation method is used ONLY for ultra-thin and skin-based hair systems.
This ventilation method has been ranked at the top for excellent invisibility making injected ventilation the best choice if a person is looking for the most undetectable hair system.

Pros and Cons of V-loop ventilation for a skin hair system


1. Blends like your second skin

Other ventilation methods for hair systems might make you feel a bit conscious about how they will look on you, but when it comes to the V loop technique it will blend so well with your scalp leaving everyone guessing if it is yours or not.

2. No exposed hairline

Who likes exposed hairlines? Obviously nobody, one of the best benefits of a V loop-based hair system is that it will let you show your forehead a bit so that you can easily maintain that natural look. This ventilation will allow you to style your hair back or up without the base being visible.

3. The most breathable hair system

The V-loop technique is meant for the skin base hair system only because it has the lightest base among all the other bases available, and this directly means that your scalp can breathe efficiently.
Even when you have spent those hard 2 hours in the gym and are drained with sweat, this hair system will not leave your side.

4. Lightweight hair-system

The V-looped hair system feels lighter on your head because of the thinnest base and hair density, not only does this hair system make you feel that you are walking with your own hair but will also give you that natural scalp effect.

5. Extremely comfortable

The V-looped hair system conforms to the shape of your head and creates that comfortable feeling, unlike those bulky hair systems that are heavy, visible, and unnatural.


1. Utmost delicate

You cannot do heavy or rough brushing to a V-looped hair system because they are not used to it. They only need that gentle and easy touch, so you have to be very careful with this hair system.

2. Less hair and thin on top

If you are the one who wishes to have a head full of hair, then we would suggest not going with this hair system because the V-looped hair system only prioritises a natural look with a lower density of hair.

3. Expensive

Due to the finest craftsmanship involved in the making of this hair system, it will cost a bit more in comparison to other types of knots available for hair systems, also V-loop-based hair systems have the thinnest base so that again can add up to the cost.

4. Sheds few hairs

In comparison to other knotted hair systems, the V-loop-based hair system sheds a bit more hair, it is because this hair system does not have knotting involved where each hair is knotted with another, so there will be a slight loss of attachment of hair from base.

5. High maintenance

If you are choosing a V-loop-based hair system, be prepared to give the utmost care to them because they need regular cleaning with specialised shampoo, also at the same time you have to consult a professional for cleaning and maintaining the hair system in the best way possible.
So if you are after that natural look then all this care is worthy of your time, money, and effort.

Tips For V-Loop Skin Base Hair Systems

See, there is one simple rule if you want something to last longer you have to be extra careful with that thing – the same is the case with the V-looped hair system.
Even the individuals who have relied on this hair system for years now have ripped the system a few times during the removal.

Tip # 1 - Watch your brushing technique

V-looped hair systems are very delicate so you have to brush them very gently using a wide-tooth comb. While combing chances are you might see some hair shedding on your clothes but that’s okay it is normal for this hair system. Do not pull your hair while combing or otherwise as it might create serious concern.
In addition to that do not ever comb this hair system when it is wet.

Tip # 2 - Be careful with washing

Do not overwash the V-loop hair system if you want the a longer lifespan of your hairsystem, instead wash it once a week or better once in two weeks and that’s it. Avoid using hot water. Also, do not soak the hair system in the water.
Avoid over-shampooing your hair system, do not do rigorous rubbing and avoid using hair products at the roots as that will directly lead to hair slipping from the base.

Tip# 3 - Take care while drying

Air dry your hair system instead of the blow dryer because a blow dryer has excessive heat coming that can cause damage to the strands of the hair system.

Tip # 4 - Proper maintenance is a must

Usually, a hair system can be cleaned easily when you are wearing it, but it is always advisable to remove it once a month and give it proper cleansing and maintenance. Also, it will be good if you consult a professional for the best care & maintenance.

Tip # 5 - Aftercare process

After a while, you start to see the frontline getting weak. In this situation, some professionals will suggest you trim the front portion and give touchups to your hair color to extend the life of the hair system, in between do not color the system on your own and always seek help from professionals.  


Having an ultra-thin skin base and innovative knotless technique, V-loop hair systems have the best comfort, breathability, and natural appearance. Imagine having a hair system that lets you create parts anywhere you desire. 

If you’re experiencing hair loss and seeking a natural-looking solution, V-loop ventilation for skin hair systems might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Explore the power of V-loop hair systems by contacting IHS Hair Replacement London today and book a free consultation. 

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