French Lace VS Swiss Lace, Which One Is The Better Option

French Lace vs Swiss Lace, which one is the better option?

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Adam Bennet

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The world of hair replacement systems is challenging. Ask us how. There are multiple options available in the market starting from lace & poly hair systems to French hair systems and Swiss lace systems, where you might be getting a durable material in one hair system and a great appearance in the other and that is where the real confusion begins.

In recent years, the craze of French lace and Swiss lace hair systems has gone viral. Because these hair systems mimic the real and natural look.

Moreover, nowadays the rising occurrence of hair-related conditions, such as alopecia, is a major force behind the growth of the hair wig industry.

Now as we can see people choosing hair systems as their long-term hair loss solution has been rising quickly over the past decade, giving rise to the natural-looking hair system has become important.

However, you need not worry, we at IHS London have provided this blog to explain the difference between the two most talked about hair systems – french lace and Swiss lace, stay tuned with us!

What is French lace?

French lace hair system means perfect undetectable hairline. 

French lace hair system finely knitted mesh that will very easily mix with the skin of your scalp. The fabric mesh of the French lace hair material is made of very little holes that allow for circulation in the hair system. 

What is Swiss lace?

The Swiss Lace hair system offers excellent undetachable lace of all the hair system bases available to choose from. It has the best features like it is super fine, soft, and breathable. 

Swiss lace hair system is made up of 100% remy human hair which is termed to be the finest quality of human hair because it is strong, healthy, soft, and shiny! 

Did you know that fewer than 45% of women have a head full of hair throughout their life?

What are the similarities between French lace and Swiss lace?

Swiss Lace And French Lace

The common but not-so-common similarities of French lace and Swiss lace,

Similarity #1 – French and Swiss lace hair systems have a large number of holes in the surface varying in size, both hair systems have been designed that way to let air and heat easily go through, providing an airy and breathable experience to wearers.

Similarity #2 – Both of the hair systems are made with lace base and lace base gives wearers the unbeatable wearing experience that other hair systems cannot beat, hair system wearers who reside in hot climates or have a very active lifestyle are usually loyal and consistent users of both of the hair system’s.

Similarity #3 – When it comes to naturalness, both the hair systems look matte and skin alike and are secured properly on the skin.

what is the difference between French lace and Swiss lace?

Difference Between French Lace And Swiss Lace
Time to face off! 

1. Difference of origin:

Swiss lace as the name suggests comes from Switzerland, and Swiss lace is well known for its delicate, soft, and smooth design.Whereas on the other side, french lace as the name suggests comes from France, France from years has a history of lace-making and is known for its excellent quality.

2. Difference in touch:

By just touching the base material you will able to recognize which is swiss and which one is french, if we talk about the french lace hair system it has little against fiber materials and construction whereas the swiss lace is smooth and lighter than french lace so, when you touch it, you will understand better which is swiss and french.

3. Density of hair differs:

This is one universal fact that the french lace hair system has the highest hair density, say about 140%, which is medium to high, now when it comes to the Swiss Lace hair system it comes with the medium to light hair density that is about 100%.

4. The capacity of blending is different:

The excellent feature of the Swiss lace hair system is that naturally blends well with your hairline and gives you that natural, smooth look. It is very much lighter and invisible to the scalp in comparison to French lace, on the other side the French lace system depends on the factor of breathability.

5. Difference in pricing:

The Swiss lace hair system is priced higher because of its lace types, the lace type used is intricate and high-quality production.  It is to be found that the Swiss lace hair system is a preferred choice for luxury and high-end fashion designs.

The french lace is also expensive but little less than swiss hair system, especially when it is handmade. However, there are  variations in pricing depending on the preferred type and quality of the hair system. 


When it comes to deciding between French and Swiss lace hair systems, wearers often scratch their heads on what to choose as both of them come with their own set of benefits, but the key lies in what wearer needs and why, and if you feel stuck on what to choose between both these hair system’s get in touch with the experts from IHS London as they will guide on what suits you the best exactly as per your requirements and then they will design and deliver the hair system to you.  

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