Guide To Help In Choosing Types Of Hair Systems

Guide to help in Choosing Types of Hair Systems

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Adam Bennet

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What is a hair system? An artificial hair hand-woven onto a particular base of material such as lace is called Hair system. The base is then adhered to the individual’s head with the preferred method of attachment (tape or adhesive), and cut and blended to make it undetectable.
Hair systems have been around for centuries now. Before it was wigs to what has now emerged as great pieces of hair solutions of many different features. Its better option for makeover and getting your hairdo again.
Celebrities like John Travolta, Tyra Banks or Keira Knightley are not exceptional when we talk about hair system adaption, they have openly accept about it on a daily basis, the user of hair system is increasing day by day now. Earlier it was used to hide hair shortage but nowadays its object for appealing looks for some happy hair users!
Hair systems can give us both hair and surprising new looks, fantastic new ways of styling our hair, and, most importantly – self-confidence.

Understanding Hair System Base Types:

1. Skin Base hair systems:

  • Skin-based hair systems are made from a material that is thin, transparent polyurethane material that resembles skin. They are very popular because they are virtually undetectable and provide a natural-looking hairline. Skin base hair systems can be either full skin (i.e., the entire base is made of skin), or they can have a skin perimeter with a lace or mono top. This is quite user-friendly system and easy to go.
  • People who want to have good appearance of their hair system choose the Skin Base. This hair system base is delicate and more relevant to particular skin tone that hard to recognize.
  • There are 4 types of skin bases:
    1. Poly skin – 0.14mm that is for only maximum 5-6 months
    2. BIO skin– 0.08mm, that is for only maximum 3 months
    3. Silicon – 0.25mm that is for only maximum 12-8 months
    4. Ultra-thin skin – 0.03mm that is for only maximum 3 months

2. Lace Base hair systems:

  • Lace base hair systems are made from a delicate piece of lace material that provides a natural, breathable look. It’s made from breathable, comfortable material which wear, and allows for excellent ventilation. Lace base hair systems is natural-looking when it was installed properly.
  • This type of hair system base is best suit to a person who wants a long lasting and natural look. Its more durable than skin base.
  • This is the two most popular types of lace base systems are:
    1. French lace – It’s looks like original, redefined and airy for the front as its look quite natural.
    2. Swiss lace – This is totally different from French as it having small life. But it’s very easy to go kind of style as comfy and d lightweight to carry. One has to go for it repeatedly.

3. Poly Base hair systems:

  • Poly base hair systems is designed from a very convenient and a thin, plastic material that similar a layer of skin. These hair systems are long lasting, easy to carry and looks good on your head. It’s perfectly matched your skin tone. Poly base hair systems are an ideal for people who sweat heavily as waterproof and endure high temperatures.

4. Mono base hair systems:

  • Mono base hair systems are made from a fine, mesh material that provides excellent ventilation and a natural-looking result. The monofilament material is very good and color to match natural hair color. Mono base hair systems are both cozy and weightless for routine.
  • This system is better choice for those who wants more reliable and long time sustainable look than anything else. There are 4 different in monofilament hair system bases:
    1. German Net – Artificial but long lasting than other.
    2. Fine Mono – The most common mono, design supports thickness.
    3. Super Fine Mono – This base is more delicate due to the smaller holes. It must be folded if used at the base edge and it’s suitable for low densities.
    4. Fine Welded Mono – This mono has a lace front and it’s the strongest. It can support higher growth, original and reliable.

5. Hybrid Hair System:

  • A hybrid hair system is a mixture of more than two base types, such as lace and skin base. This type of hair system gives natural look as well as it’s like permeant and powerful. Hybrid hair systems are a great choice.

6. Frontal Patches:

  • Frontal patches provide a quick and easy solution for hair loss along the hairline. These patches are available in both natural and synthetic hair materials and are designed to be worn directly on the scalp. Frontal patches are an affordable and simple solution for people who need to cover up hair loss along the hairline.

Points Taken into consideration while choosing Hair system:

  • Hair system base types are too many. And the question is with which should to go! It is depending upon individual requirement of the particular hair system as they are all different from one another. You should be aware of hair system if you are used to of it or new to this trend. If you seek a natural, undetectable than go for lace hair bases are the way to go.
  • When choosing a hair system base type, there are several factors you should consider. Very initially think about your lifestyle and how active you are. If you play sports regularly or lead an active lifestyle, then a poly base system may be the best choice. If you're looking for a natural-looking hairline, then a skin or mono base system is a great choice.
  • The second consideration is hair density. If you have thick hair, then a solid base with a lace or mono top may be the best option. For people with less dense hair, a skin or poly-based system may provide better results.

Expert Advice and Consultation:

You should consult with hair expert with experience and knowledge, who can guide you to go with best and suitable hair base system as it saves you from any side effects of it in future.


Conclusively, it’s all about personal choice and it varies to each and everyone. Your whole personality is the key to go with which hair base system. The right hair system base type can make all the difference in achieving a natural-looking result.


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Monofilament hair systems
As its long lasting in our range, which is pocket friendly that represent excellent value for money. Its more conventional and famous system as its durable and strong.
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Hair System Base and Materials
The hair systems apply basically two materials to create the base, either meshes, polymers, or a combination of the two. Mesh fabric: Mesh fabrics are typically made of polyester or nylon and are served to make beautiful hairdo.
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The hair used in hair systems are human hair but it’s still artificial as it may went through a process to look flawless.

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