How Can You Identify The Best Hair System For You?

How Can You Identify the Best Hair System for You?

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Adam Bennet

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It is on you, all upon you! First thing first, analyse what you want and need, this will be much easier for you as it will directly open up the straightforward pathway of what to choose and what to invest in!
Perform a research on what you prefer and why you need the hair system. Such as: You need a hair system for styling, or you need the system to cover that baldness or you need the hair system just to get that aesthetic look? Your preferences will decide what suits you the best and why, simultaneously a team of our experts at IHS Hair Replacement will be there to guide you on what is just made for you!!
Lifestyle is that one ingredient of the recipe you cannot compromise with, say for example you are constantly going into the gym? Or are you at a desk job rigorously or are you on that headset frequently? All these questions will lead you to the base your lifestyle sits with, if you compromise with your lifestyle and choose something that is just not made for you, you might end up getting the results you don’t desire.
Hence lifestyle is the key factor that needs your attention.

Factors Considered to Choose Hair System:

Below given factors will give you the overview of what factors need consideration beforehand.

1. Your needs and goals

Looking for a hair solution that will stay with you like your soulmate and help you get that head full of hair to cover that baldness ? Opt for the best permanent hair system based on your needs.
Want something that will make you look flawless and good-looking, opt out for the temporary hair solution. Choose what you feel the need of.
Then choose the level of coverage you need. Do you want that voluminous head of hair? Lookout for the hair solution that offers full coverage to crown and temple areas. You want something subtle, temporary, go with the partial coverage hair solution.
Again these things will be decided purely based on what you choose and need.

Check-on the budget and maintenance of your hair, Always try to be in the budget you have set for your hair system as over and under budget both in any case will not serve the purpose. So do the research, get in touch with our expert’s and then frame your budget.

Maintenance on the other hand is the most important factor because if you want a good healthy hair system, no shortcuts will work and you will always need a sure shot maintenance.
Do you have any specific preferences regarding hair type, colour, and texture? If yes, prepare a chart or detailed report on what type of hair base, colour and texture you want, as there are multiple hair systems available as per your needs and requirements.
IHS Hair Replacement also does this customization process on their customers so that they can get what they want.

2. Research different hair system types

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Lace front or full lace : The choice between a lace front system and a full lace system depends on your specific preferences. A lace front system offers a natural looking hairline and is cost-effective, while a full lace system provides complete scalp coverage for the most natural and versatile look, if you want maximum realism and flexibility this is the Ideal Option for you.

Skin system : Skin System is a “skin” typically refers to the outermost layer of a material or product, applied to enhance protection or aesthetics.
Polyurethane System : A polyurethane system typically relies on polyurethane that is used in various applications, such as coatings, foams, adhesives, and more.
Mono hair system : A mono hair system is a type of hair replacement or wig that features a monofilament base that resembles a natural scalp and allows for a more realistic appearance. This can be customised to match your match hair attributes.
Hybrid hair system : A hybrid hair system typically refers to a combination of surgical hair transplants with non-surgical methods like wigs, aiming for a natural and fuller head of hair. It’s essential to consult with a qualified hair specialist to determine the best approach for your specific needs and preferences.

3. Your lifestyle

Measure and understand your lifestyle because hair systems always ask for maintenance and care, and both of them are directly related to your lifestyle.

4. Your budget

Begin by researching the costs associated with hair systems. This includes the initial purchase or installation cost and any ongoing maintenance expenses.
And then set your budget.

5. Maintenance Requirements

Regularly clean the hair system using a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. How often you clean it depends on your usage, but typically, once every 10-15 wears is a good guideline.
Use a wide-toothed comb or a specialised wig brush to gently detangle the hair, starting from the tips and working your way up to the base. Avoid excessive pulling or tugging.
Style the hair system as desired, but be cautious with heat styling tools like curling irons or straighteners. Use low heat settings to prevent damage.

6. Professional guidance

Rely on professionals like the IHS hair replacement system because they know in and out of what is suitable for you in the best possible way.

Tips To Identify the Best Hair System for You

Follow the listed tips and get the best hair system for you :

1. Check quality

Quality is the pillar of any hair system, because the best quality will always stick by you and will give you the best memories about the service and product. So choose quality over everything.

2. Check hair texture and type

Check your hair type & texture first because that way you will decide your look and type of hair system.

3. Measure size

Start like this :
Length : Measure from the front hairline to the tips of the hair. This will give you the length of the hair system.
Width : Measure from side to side, typically at the widest part of the hair system.
Circumference : If you’re measuring a full wig, measure the circumference around the inside edge of the cap.
Make sure to record your measurements accurately in inches or centimetres.

4. Shape of face

Your shape of face is directly linked with the type of hair system, check whether your face is oval, round or square and then choose the hair system.

5. Check the durability

Invest in a high-quality hair system that is designed to last longer.Regularly clean and condition the hairpiece following the manufacturer’s guidelines. This helps prevent tangling and maintains the appearance. Store the hair system on a wig stand or in a protective box when not in use to prevent damage.

6. Choose as per your lifestyle and personality

If you have an active lifestyle with sports or outdoor activities, consider a secure and breathable hair system that won’t easily come off during physical activities.
Shorter styles or low-maintenance options like buzz cuts or short wigs might be more suitable.
Opt for a natural-looking hair system with a conservative hairstyle, such as a classic short cut or a neat, well-groomed appearance. Choose colours and styles that match your professional image.

7. Consider your budget and maintenance

Different types of hair systems come at varying price points. Synthetic hair systems are generally more budget-friendly than those made from real human hair.
Think about how much time and effort you’re willing to dedicate to daily maintenance. Synthetic systems usually require less care and styling.
Consider your styling preferences. Human hair systems allow for more versatility in styling, including using heat styling tools, while synthetic fibres have limitations.
Different materials require different cleaning routines. Human hair systems need regular washing and conditioning, while synthetic systems are easier to clean but may require special products.

8. Check customer reviews

Reviews provide insights into the quality and reliability of a hair system. Customers can share their experiences with durability, comfort, and how well the system matches their expectations.

9. Consult with a hair system specialist like IHS hair replacement system

A professional will always look after your needs and will guide you towards the best hair solution and hair system that works the best for you.


The choice of the best hair system depends on individual preferences, needs, and factors such as budget, lifestyle, and desired aesthetics. Some popular options include lace front wigs, toupees, and hair extensions. It’s essential to consult with a hair specialist like IHS hair replacement system to determine the most suitable hair system for your specific requirements. Ultimately, the best hair system is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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