How To Control The Human Hair System Shedding?

How to control the human hair system shedding?

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Adam Bennet

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Do not worry at all, It is just shedding!
Do you know how many hairs are falling from your head on a daily basis? It comes around to 100 or 150 a day, this is all about your natural hair and the same happens to be with the hairpieces.
Hair shedding is nothing but the hair fall that takes place in natural hair as well as in hairpieces, there is no MATHS in understanding shedding, the only problem it creates when the shedding becomes excessive and frequent.

We at IHS hair replacement know that shedding occurs as hair strands reach the verge of their lifespan. This is a regular occurrence and should not be the cause for concern.

Also, shedding depends on quality, use and maintenance. A little less shedding is normal exactly the way your biological shedding is! But, but shedding also relies greatly on its quality, such as an inferior or lower quality hair piece will lead towards excessive shedding.
On the other side, Shedding can be the outcome bad or a rough usage and maintenance of hairpieces.
See, let us understand this in a creative manner :
You have bought a fancy villa it is well furnished, greatly decorated and is aesthetically appealing, you started living in there enjoyed every bit of it and did some memorable things that will make you smile everytime you remember those times, BUT, you never cleaned that space, you never took care of it and now it started looking dull already, what do you think how it will make you feel? Guilty right?
Exactly this is the thing with your hairpieces, you need to take care of them, nurture them to keep them in the state of excellence so that they will make you smile every time you flaunt them proudly.
To put things in a simpler form, the more you tug your hairpieces the more you will experience shedding, so be gentle and extra careful with the hairpieces and you are all set, flaunt your hairpieces and slay the confidence in you.

Types of hair system shedding

The shedding has been further divided into the different types of hair systems:

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1. For lace base : Oil damage

Lace base hairpieces, the common cause for hair shedding is oil damage. Oil can be from anywhere like it can be from the scalp or from the product, oil then will contribute to losing the knots in the base which results in falling.

2. Full cap wig : Sleep damage

As full cap wigs are concerned with the shedding, it reflects from the way you sleep with your wig on. Unlike toupees with which you can easily sleep with, full cap wigs get damaged in just a couple of nights if you choose to sleep on it regularly.

3. Women hairpieces : Chemical damage

We at the IHS hair replacement have researched and have narrated that women’s hairpieces tend to affect highly when they use bleach, colour and sleep while their hairpieces are wet this will then lead to tangles and damage, a severe cause of shedding.

Reasons of hair system shedding

Listed below are the reasons that will give you a straightforward lookout on why shedding occurs?

1. Excessive use of heat

Excessive use of heat styling tools can damage the hair fibres, making them more prone to shedding, and the heating can also adversely affect the roots of your hair and it will make them go weak and dead.

2. Chemical exposure

Exposure to harsh chemicals or improper use of styling products can weaken the hair system’s structure and cause shedding that is proven to be very harmful for the health of hair.

3. Manufacturing of hair system

It is very much important to see where the hairpieces are being made and how, as that process will directly provide how well managed and well manufactured they are and what quality of strands hair pieces hold.

4. Poor maintenance

Inadequate cleaning, conditioning, and care of the hair system can weaken the hair strands and adhesive, contributing to shedding.

5. Water damage

A soaked base is a harmful base for any hairpiece no matter if it is coming from your swim cap or shower, now if the base of the hair is wet it will loosen up the grip of the hair looser and lead to shedding.

6. Oil damage

Oil in itself is a slippery substance formed on your scalp. Simultaneously oily coating from silicone based shampoos and conditioners are the cause of shedding.

Factors that impact on your hair system shedding

1. Quality of hair system

2. Proper attachment and removal

3. Maintenance and care

4. Scalp health

5. Lifestyle factors

How to Stop Human Hair System Shedding?

1. Wash your hair system correctly

If you wash your hair system correctly, then the hair system will automatically last for a greater amount of time. And you can also maintain the hygiene level.

2. Gently brushing and styling

Do not overdo anything no matter if it is brushing or styling keep both of these activities in a manner where they are gentle on your hairpieces.

3. Choose a hair system with longer lasting knot methods

Sometimes even if you sleep or perform any rigorous activity with your hair system on tighter and long lasting knots will keep things intact in a place.

4. Use satin pillow covers

As satin is soft and delicate for your hair, sleeping on satin covers will not create any friction to your hairpieces.

5. Accept the lifespan of your hair system

Understand that everything comes with an expiry and so is with the hairpieces after a point of time, you have to have change them to get the sustainable results.

6. Regular appointment with professional

If you have persistent scalp issues, consult a dermatologist or a trichologist for personalised advice.

A service you need the most : Hair system repair at IHS Replacement

While keeping the quality checks intact, We offers the service of repairing your hairpieces on the go, this is only because we care for every penny spent on the hairpieces.

Shedding in itself is a natural phenomenon, no matter what quality, what price you have paid for it, it will take place no matter how hard you try, so to put a full stop on that thing IHS brought you a fully curated hairpieces repair service.
We will fix your damaged base, poor maintained hairpieces, you say it and we will fix it.

The best part? IHS hair replacement’s hairpiece repair will directly increase the lifespan of your hairpieces at least a little more than it was earlier.


At IHS Hair Replacement, we offer solutions, guidance and most importantly outstanding support to all our clients in case of any concerns like shedding.

On the contrary, good care of your scalp and hair pieces both matter at the same time so always rely on quality products, professional advice and on regular checkups to keep things intact and excellent.

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