How To Keep A Wig On Your Head?

How to Keep a Wig on Your Head?

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Whether you’re putting on a wig for fashion, medical reasons, or for theatrical purposes, finding the right technique to keep it intact is really a task!
Addressing universal facts : A wig wearer is always afraid of the wig falling off anytime and anywhere, we all can feel this, right?
A real moment of anxiousness : Actually for all the wig-wearers, ‘wig-drove’ malfunctions are a serious factor of fear (cannot agree more) and the best example to this moment of anxiousness is the Graham Norton Show (Who is wearing a wig) the urge of not slipping off the wig here was so real.
NOTE – The source of the show BBC one
And then we are here with the best tips to help you keep your wig securely on your head so that you cannot be the next guest at the Graham Norton Show. (brouhaha)

How Long do Toupees Stay On?

Toupees, also termed as the hairpieces, have been the most accepted choice for men & women both for seeking to enhance their appearance while combating hair loss. And you know what, like any product, toupees have a limited span of life.
The quality of the materials used in the making of a toupee significantly impacts its lifespan so choose the best quality available in the market while seeking an expert advice, on the other side it is also important to check how a toupee is worn and cared for daily chaos plays a very important role in its longevity, in this concern it is important to take a very good care of your toupee, lastly the climate and environment in which a toupee is worn can affect the life of toupee, so to avoid that it is recommended that take all the necessary precautions to avoid any environmental factors.

Type of Wigs


What are the Reasons For Wig Falling Out?

Just like with your natural hair, hair falling with the hair system is normal, However, there are times when you may notice that your particular wig is shedding a lot more than usual or a lot more than expected, come let us know the reasons.

Use of poor adhesives can be the reason for falling off your wig as a poor adhesive will loosen the grip of the wig before the time proceeds. This scalp preparation is crucial as it directly influences the effectiveness of the attachment and the overall comfort of the wig wearer. It involves ensuring that the scalp is clean and free from oils, dirt, and residues that could compromise the adhesion process.

Excessive moisture and sweat can impact the adhesion and comfort of wigs, especially for individuals who are active or live in humid climates, also an adhesives have a lifespan as after a while they can experience alterations in their properties, effectiveness, or performance, impacting their adhesive strength and reliability. The wrong method of wearing a Men’s wig or Women’s wig is also the prime contributor for falling off the wig before the time suggests.
All ears here : The quality of the wig is one the first and the most crucial aspect when you are counting on the reasons for my wig to fall off, so pick the best quality of wig always, lastly factors such as excessive sunlight,extreme cold in atmosphere can create the problem for the wigs.

How to Keep a Wig on Your Head?

1. Choose the right wig

The right wig is the ultimate solution to all the problems, the reason? It comes in with the right solution that will address the exact concern with the best quality in hand. Choosing a right wig will directly make you go free from the worry of falling it abruptly as because the wig that you are wearing is the wig only and specifically made for you.

2. Clean your scalp before putting on the wig

Cleaning your scalp before wearing a wig helps eliminate excess oils, sweat, dirt, and any residual products. A clean scalp provides a better surface for the wig adhesive or tape to adhere to, ensuring a more secure attachment.

3. Use premium quality adhesives

The finest quality of adhesives provides a strong and secure hold between the wig and the scalp. They are designed to offer long-lasting adhesion, ensuring the wig stays in place for extended periods, providing comfort and confidence to the wearer.

What are the Methods to attach and secure a wig?

Wearing a wig is an excellent way to enhance your overall look, but the fear of it falling off can be a big question of worry. Keeping that in mind, there are multiple ways to ensure that your wig stays securely intact.

1. Wig tapes

Wig tape is double-sided tape that sticks to both your head and your wig at the same time and this is one of the most effective methods for securing a wig.
Wig tape gives your wig a very intact and secured grip. If you swim while having your wig on, or are going to a huge event, wig tape will take-off the worry of wearing a wig.
At the same time, Wig tape can be difficult to remove as well, as there are liquid solutions that help gently remove wig tape, but if something gets stuck the removal process won’t be easy.

2. Wig glues (The most loved method)

Just like wig tape, wig glue is also one fine secure method of wig attachment, and you could potentially rip out hairs when you remove it. (A disadvantage for sure) If you have hair or sensitive skin on the scalp, avoid wig glue.
Wig glue is a roll-on adhesive that is very clear in nature and does not leave stains. Wig glue is removed with water and is pliable.

3. Silicon solution sheets

Silicone solution sheets offer the same job as the name suggests- sheets of silicone.
The silicon solution sheet comes with a needle and invisible thread, and the solution strip is then sewn into your wig to offer a wig grip inside the wig.
Like a wig grip, silicon solution sheets are dynamic; they move with your skin so your wig will never feel too tight.
On the contrary, silicone solution sheets suction to your head. Underneath that suction, your head can overheat. If you’re habituated to overheating, these sheets aren’t that effective.

4. Wig caps

Wig capes are perfect for people who have hair or those who don’t because the wig caps sit on top of your head underneath your wig and grip your skin on the inside layer.
The wig caps play the role of a barrier between your scalp and your wig. This keeps your wig neat and free from any oil buildup.
On the other hand, in hot climates, or for women & men undergoing any treatments, wig caps can make you even warmer.

5. Wig clips

Get along with the clips only when you have natural hair.
As because the hair clips are clipped into the cap of the wig and then again clipped into your hair. They are a great long-term option because once they’re sewn in, you’re ready to go for the life of your wig.
Once the wig clips are clipped in, wig clips never need to be replaced, wow! People complain that wig clips scratch their heads so if you have sensitive skin, wig clips can irritate it.

6. Bobby pins

Please note – you must have a significant amount of your hair to use bobby pins.
Attaching your wig with bobby pins is one of the oldest wig attachment techniques recorded in the books. Bobby pins won’t vacuumised on your wig to your head, so your head is less likely to overheat underneath your wig. If you don’t use sufficient bobby pins, your wig can come loose during the day.


Securing a wig properly ensures a comfortable and natural-looking fit, enhancing confidence for those who wear them. As a final note, maintaining a wig securely on the head requires various methods tailored to individual preferences and the type of wig being worn. Techniques such as using wig caps, adhesives, tapes, clips, or adjusting straps provide effective ways to ensure a snug fit. The choice of method depends on factors like hair type, the wig’s construction, personal comfort, and desired wear duration.
By empowering these techniques and staying affixed to the specific needs of the wig and wearer, it’s possible to enjoy a natural, secure, and confident experience while wearing a wig.

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