How To Prevent Itchy Scalp With Your Hair System

How to Prevent Itchy Scalp with Your Hair System

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Adam Bennet

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Are you the one who is scratching your head without any eureka moment? If yes, then that scratching is nothing but the itch on the scalp and that itch game is for real for all those wig wearers because of some specific reasons.
Do not let that inappropriate thought run down your mind when it comes to that itchy scalp with your hair system, because this blog will give you a tour of how you can escape from that undercover itchiness and keep your hair system and scalp a happy-go-lucky pair.

Causes Of Itching scalp in the hair system

With the below points, you will find out why this itchiness resides on your scalp.

Low-quality hair system

You know when it comes to investing in a hair system, choose the best and the most expensive one. Why? A good and reliable hair system will never cause problems like itching or dryness and will continue to provide lasting results (ultimately what every being needs) Low low-quality hair system means in there the quality of the material used is also going to be subpar and not up to the point. Being in the industry for 25+ years we offer one of the most classic, original, and finest hair systems in London.

Allergic reactions

Sit, check, and then decide. Hair systems are made up of synthetic materials, and synthetic materials are made out of latex, glues, and fibers that are prone to allergies if you wear a hair system without checking its allergic properties then it might be the case that these allergies will lead you towards redness, severe itchiness and rashes on the scalp.

Alert! Expert advice: First and foremost, choose an expert and check things, ask questions about what hair system consists of, how it is made, what outcome it will leave when used, etc. After having a wholesome conversation with an expert, choose your hair system that is suitable for your scalp in the long run and enjoy that Happy healthy scalping moment.

Allergic Reactions In Scalp

Lack of Maintenance

Ouch! Now this hurts.
When it comes to your scalp and your hair system, that extra care is only what it asks for. Because if you don’t take good care of your scalp then ultimately it will create a problem.
Lack of maintenance starts with sleeping with your hair system on, using heating tools very frequently without applying any heat-protecting stuff, using products that are not good for your hair system, and brushing off strands with strong bristles combs and gradually this leads to scalp irritation.
Wigs are subject to care, they will sustain longer only if you give them the care they need. Just do not go with the flow but follow the instructions given so that you can easily prevent and revert an itchiness.

Not cleaning properly

Lack of hygiene in the hair system will lead to scalp irritation if neglected. Understand how, so if you have an oily and sweaty scalp you are inviting an itchiness to come and sit over your head.
Follow this rule of thumb and wash your hair system frequently or when you come in contact with any physical activities, in such cases try to wash your hair system twice or thrice a week.

Too much Sweating

We really can understand that it is not easy to maintain that sporty, healthy-looking life while you’re prone to the hair system as an itchy scalp is the cause of that accumulated heat and sweat under that wig.
But yes, the cure for that itchiness and accumulated sweat is easy, if you choose to wear a hair system with proper and consistent ventilation, as there are hair systems available in the market that come with a great breathable material to cover up the problem of excessive sweating.

Dandruff and dry scalp

Dandruff is also the prime suspect and cause of the itchy and blistery scalp, on the other side, skin concerns such as fungal and seborrheic dermatitis get triggered by wearing the wig, usually with all these conditions it is easy for the wigs to tape on the moisture and develop itchiness.
Dandruff & Dry Scalp

Hair Coloring

Now this is tough and should be avoided, and that is to never try to match your natural hair color with the color of your wig, even if you try to do that your scalp may fall into trouble because the first color will come into the contact with the scalp and then after you will wear a wig over that affected scalp so the things may take a bad turn.
Hair Coloring

Tips to Prevent itchy scalp with your hair system

The best tips that will make your hair system intact while keeping that itchiness away from your scalp.

Choose the right hair system

A qualitative hair system will become the best buddy for your scalp and will safeguard your scalp from all that irritation & itchiness.
The role of a good quality hair system is crucial because that is where the true game lies, the better the quality of your hair system, the excellent results it will deliver to your scalp.

Maintain your hair system

Where there is maintenance there will always gonna be fewer concerns like scalp irritation and itchiness. So try out this method with your hair system and feel the results, brush out your hair system evenly and remove all that excessive hair keeping your hair system neat and clean.

Keep your scalp clean and moisturize

The cleaner and more moisturized the scalp, the greater the scalp health it releases, avoiding the health of the scalp and not using the appropriate products will create an inverse impact and will cause itchiness.

Use scalp-friendly products

Products that are smooth, original, and safer on the skin of the scalp usually deliver the best results, simultaneously such products also lead to healthier and finer-looking scalp.
In the market, there are various hypoallergenic and anti-itch products available to keep your scalp soothing and refreshed.

Wash your hair system regularly

The way our body needs cleansing regularly is the same as the scene with the hair system. Regular washing of the hair system will make it look fresh, intact, and natural. More practically, it will start to show off when you wash your hair system once a week and remove all the adhesives and bacteria accumulation from the scalp and wig.

Get regular checkups

Using those great products, washing your hair system promptly will not serve the purpose if you do not consult with a hair system technician, because he/she will be the right person to identify what is wrong with your scalp when it causes you irritation. A timely checkup will always make a way for you before it is too late.

What to Do When Your Scalp Itches with a Hair System

Check for Allergies:

Get a scalp test and see if the hair system sits and affects well with your scalp by avoiding all allergies. If not, address the same issue with your hair system expert and ask for a solution.

Review Hair System Fit:

Keep your hands on the hair system that sits perfectly well on your head without any errors and misalignments, check with your hair system expert to guide you on how to fix and review the hair system fit to get convenient and faster results.
Women Wearing Wig

Hydrate Your Scalp:

Use a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer specially designed for the scalp to combat dryness, as a hydrated scalp will make your hair system look nice while keeping the health of your hair system and scalp solid.

Check How You Apply Adhesive:

Hair systems and adhesives go hand in hand, so be extra careful while using adhesives on your scalp as a wrong technique can ruin the health of your scalp and will directly create issues like irritation and itchiness.

Add Gentle Scalp Massages:

Gentle scalp massages are the best stress relievers, along with that they also help boost the level of blood flow while giving you some phenomenal results by leaving your scalp in a healthier condition.
Men Doing Gentle Scalp Massages

Don’t scratch your scalp

We know that we all feel that little tickling on our scalps where we irresistibly want to scratch our heads, but no! Stop right there as this thing will worsen the condition of the scalp, rather than choose to use your fingertips on your head and avoid harsh scratching.

Get Help from Experts for Persistent Itching:

If the problem of scalp itching continues for a longer time, then is time to consult a trichologist, as he/ she will be most right person to guide you on what should be done next after examining your scalp thoroughly.

Give Your Scalp a Rest:

We know it is a bit difficult to face yourself without that hair system, but at the same time, it is also important to give your scalp a little rest and comfort, because a scalp also deserves proper breathing and ventilation.

Try different ways to attach :

If you try one method to attach that hair system and that does not work then do not worry and try another one instead, as there might be the case that you have to follow different ways before reaching that one outcome, where you will also see which methods works best for you.


The final thoughts will include the main key things and that while wearing the hair system one should avoid all the factors that cause harm to the health of the scalp and just strictly follow the measures to keep the hair system in a good and intact condition and keep going on with the long term results.

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