How To Properly Clean The Hair System

How to properly clean the hair system

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Adam Bennet

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Getting on the journey of keeping your hair system squeaky clean is like preparing a special treat for the one you love! We all agree on the fact that your hair system deserves the best care to ensure it remains a seamless and natural part of your appearance, right? Of Course yes, because a clean hair system not only enhances your overall look but also contributes to the durability of the hair system!

So without any further delay let us take the responsibility on our shoulders where we will guide you through the world of hair system cleaning – no PhD in chemistry is required! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your jam), and let’s get into the world of making your hair system squeaky clean.

Time to fall in love with your squeaky clean hair system this Valentine’s”

How to clean a hair system?

The importance of installing a hair system and cleaning a hair system go hand in hand, it becomes necessary to keep the hair system clean and bacteria-free to ensure its good health & durability, so let us begin with the process, 

Items required:

  • Plastic or stainless steel container
  • Adhesive solvent
  • Dish soap
  • Mild shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Brush
  • Hair system stand

The 5-step process of cleaning a hair- system

Step 1: Remove the tape from the hairpiece

Step 2: Put the hair system in an adhesive- solvent

Step 3: Clean the hairpiece

Step 4: Rinse the hairpiece

Step 5: Use the shampoo and condition on a hair system

Step 1: Remove the tape from the hairpiece

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Now that you have removed the hair system from the scalp using an adhesive solvent, the time is to detach the hairpiece from the tape 

Take note: For some human hair wigs, there is no adhesive required so you can skip this step. 

Use your fingernails to gently lift the edge of the tape off your hairpiece, one pro tip for doing this thing is to do it under lukewarm water which makes the process faster and easier

Step 2: Put the hair system in an adhesive- solvent

Soak the hair system in a container capable of holding liquid solvents and perform this activity in a well-ventilated area. Soaking times may vary purely depending on the type of hair system and adhesive you’re using when removing tape residue typically, it should only take about five to 10 minutes of soaking time to remove any extra adhesive. 

Do this along with While your hair system is soaking, wash your hair, scalp, and entire head thoroughly at least two times with a mild shampoo

Step 3: Clean the hairpiece

Once your hair system is soaked properly, remove your hair system from the solution and keep it inside out in an empty sink (the hair will be on the bottom). The next step is to remove any residue of adhesive. After getting the excess residue off, place your unit back into the container full of solvent for 2 to 3 minutes

Step 4: Rinse the hairpiece

Moving your hair system from the solvent back into the sink, add a sufficient amount of dish soap onto the base while it is still wet with solvent. At this point, any remaining adhesive residue will have lost all tack. After brushing, wash your hair system with high-pressure lukewarm water running down through the base

Step 5: Use the shampoo and conditioner on a hair system

Finally, after rinsing thoroughly, wash the hair system again, this time using a mild shampoo, then use a conditioner. You can use a wide tooth comb when you’re applying shampoo and conditioner through the hair. Your hairpiece should now be clean from any of old adhesive residue. Wipe it with alcohol and leave it to dry on a wig stand or somewhere without any direct sunlight. 

Voila! Once you are done doing all the steps successfully, you are now all set to reattach and begin wearing the fresh (like new) system!

Expert’s area: Surprising additions to your hair system's care regimen

1. UV Protection – Yes, for your hair system too!

Scientifically-backed UV protection isn’t just for your skin. Invest in a hair-friendly UV protection spray or leave-in conditioner to shield your hair system from the damaging effects of sun exposure. This extra layer of defense helps maintain color vibrancy and prevents dryness caused by UV rays

2. Vitamin D Boost – sunshine for your scalp

The UK isn’t always the sunniest, so ensure your hair system gets its vitamin D boost. Scientific studies link vitamin D deficiency to hair loss. Spend some time outdoors to soak up the natural sunlight or consider vitamin D supplements to keep your hair system and scalp in optimal condition

What to avoid while washing a hair system?

Hot water: Avoid using excessively hot water while washing your hair system. High temperatures can damage the hair fibers and the base material, leading to premature wear and tear. Opt for lukewarm water to gently cleanse without causing harm

Harsh shampoos: Harsh shampoos containing sulfates and other harsh chemicals. These can take away the hair system of its natural oils, leaving it dry and leading to tangling. Choose a mild, sulfate-free shampoo designed for either synthetic or human hair, depending on your system

Vigorous scrubbing: Resist the urge to scrub your hair system vigorously, indeed. Gentle massaging is sufficient to cleanse without causing unnecessary stress to the hair fibers or the base. Treat your hair system with care to maintain its longevity

Tight pulling: When detangling or combing, avoid pulling or tugging on the hair system. Use a wide-tooth comb and start from the tips, working your way up gradually. Tugging can lead to hair breakage and damage to the base

Overwashing of hair system: While maintaining cleanliness is essential, overwashing can be detrimental. Washing your hair system too frequently can result in premature wear and loss of shine

Using regular towels: Traditional towels can be rough on delicate hair fibers. Avoid rubbing your hair system vigorously with a regular towel, as this can lead to frizz and tangling. Instead, opt for a soft microfiber cloth or gently pat with a towel to absorb excess water

Skipping conditioning: Neglecting the use of a suitable conditioner is a common mistake. Conditioner helps maintain the softness and manageability of the hair system. Choose a conditioner designed for your specific hair type (synthetic or human) to enhance its longevity and appearance

Talk To A Hair Replacement Professional at IHS Hair Replacement London

Reach out to us for your any or every concern regarding the cleaning of the hair system as we know that guidance is a great step towards gaining expert advice on the proper cleaning and maintenance of your hair system. Our professionals are well-versed in the complexities of various hair systems and can provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs


Proper cleaning of your hair system is not just a routine task, it’s a key element in maintaining its longevity and natural appearance. Following a great yet gentle approach ensures that your hair system remains fresh, vibrant, and comfortable to wear

Remember to use mild, suitable products, such as sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners designed for your specific hair type whether synthetic or human

By incorporating these practices into your hair system care routine, you not only extend its lifespan but also improve your overall experience, allowing you to confidently showcase your flawless hair day!

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