Is Shaving My Head Necessary For Hair System Installation?

Is Shaving My Head Necessary for Hair System Installation?

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Hair thinning, bald patches, hair loss are all the synonyms of lower self esteem and confidence. Such hair conditions usually lead people to isolation and they always feel that all these conditions do not have any solutions.
But that’s not the case, there is a solution to it and that solution is nothing but the hair system designed by IHS Hair Replacement!! Now the hair system consists of hairpieces or partial wigs of synthetic or natural human hair worn to cover up that baldness or for theatrical purposes. The hair system is typically categorised as a hairpiece because it comes in a full room of varieties, sizes and pieces of hair that will give you an opportunity to decide what is best for you and most importantly what suits you the most.
The other best part of the hair system is that it has proven to be the world’s best and the excellent solution to hair loss from decades.
Now let us address the elephant in the room and that is, does this hair system ask for a head shaving at the time of hair system installation? The straightforward answer is NO! And the experts from IHS hair replacement system has the practical and approachable reason behind that;
1. Hairpieces for men and women are either glued or taped directly onto the scalp to maintain longevity and durability.
Seems that now Shaving is no more needed to get that flawless hair system on your head, correct? Yes it is correct, backing up the same statement all the hair system comes up with multiple methods through which the hair system is attached or bonded to your head, so say goodbye to SHAVING and say hello to that seamless and effortless installation of hair system.

Factors Influencing the Shaving Decision:

The decision to shave the head before getting a hair system installation is influenced by various factors that every individual considers carefully.

1. Hair system type and its compatibility with natural hair

Most hair system’s do not need a shaved head at all as there are multiple methods available for installing and settling down the system, but at times it depends on what type of system you choose, how compatible that hair system is with your natural hairline matters, so at such times it is recommended to get in touch with professionals such as IHS hair replacement as they will guide with the best suitable suggestions ever.

2. The method of attachment and how it interacts with existing hair

No matter if the settling of hair takes place with the help of adhesives, tapes or clips it is mandatory for all of them to have a kind touch and contact with your existing hairline, consult an expert before applying any method because there are chances it will irritate your existing hairline and adverse results may occur incase of any negligence.

3. Personal preferences for aesthetics and comfort

Shaving your head, again, depends on personal preference as well, such as if you want you can go for a shaved head before installing the hair system for that clean and better look.
Installation of hair systems do not ask for a Shaving head but if an individual demands the one he or she can definitely choose that option as per their convenience.

Methods to attach hair system without Shaving head:

The curated list of multiple methods to attach hair system is mentioned below :

1. Hard bonding

Using this method the hair pieces such as wigs and toupees stay for the longest period of time. The duration of the hair system using this hard bond will last for straight six weeks in humid climate as well.
Hard bonding is considered to be one of the strongest and secured attachment method for nonsurgical hair replacement

2. Soft bonding

Now soft bonding is opposite to hard bonding and offers a little less strength to the hair system. No doubt the fixation with soft glue will be secured and will last upto 4 weeks.

3. Weaving

Weaving is the third option that needs your consideration and is a more intricate procedure of fixing hair to your very own existing hair through the process of tying it across the entire perimeter of the head, this type of attachment is also long lasting and offers exceptional results.
Weaving also does not ask for Shaving head.

4. Clipping

And then there is clipping. The name itself has its characteristics, wigs, hairpieces and toupees are clipped into your scalp using the tiny clips.
Always prefer to have this method from an expert like IHS hair replacement system because this method needs special care, a special fixture for its longevity and safety. Also check that you choose the best quality of clips to ensure the greater results.


The IHS hair replacement system in London will always benefit you with its advice of what best needs to be done for your hair related queries.
Kindly reach out to us for whatever you have on your mind about your hair related things we will be more than happy to serve to the fullest.

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