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    Get the Wiggy Experience with wigs in London

    Make every flip fabulous and noteworthy!

    Fun fact : Google out quickly the symptoms of sadness, it turns out we needs hair extensions🤭

    The search for perfect wigs ends here you have arrived at your destination. Wigs in London offers exceptional wigs at your fingertips that include luxury, classic essence and modernity to give you that all-glam up look you deserve.

    Curated for both men’s and women’s, IHS Hair Replacement holds the mastery in designing finest wigs in London, simultaneously it offers wigs for all your needs starting from medical concerns to styling. Customization is our forte and we are rocking there like a PRO!

    Men's Wig Before & After Look

    FACE OFF: Synthetic wigs & natural hair wigs

    Synthetic Men's Wig

    Synthetic Wigs

    Cool Men's Wig

    Natural Hair Wigs

    • Natural hair wigs are versatile and contented, they will add an extra layer of beauty in your appearance
    • Natural hair wigs again come in with a huge variety just like synthetic wigs that will console your hair loss instantly, simultaneously natural hair wigs will enhance your hairline and will make you look absolutely phenomenal.
    • Best part is natural hair wigs are long lasting and are easy to maintain and use.

    Crazy and Classic Board of Looks

    Meet your Worth with our Wigs.

    Man With A Toupee On His Head.

    One on one approach

    Having expertise in the field of hair for the last 20 years, we at IHS Hair Replacement hold a super cool and classic approach to our every client, we make sure that they go with a discreet solution and come back again with phenomenal results on hand.

    After Fitting Hair Wig Result

    Quick Outcomes

    If you’re the one who wants to have a customised or pre-made wigs, we always manage to get both of them before the time frame given, as we have our warehouse stocked up with almost every type of wigs.

    Hairdresser Styling Men's Wig

    Solution of your every need

    If you are the one who just wants to flaunt that extra volume of hair then we are here, and if you are the one who just got recovered from a treatment like chemotherapy then do not worry because we will make sure that you forget the way you used to look before.

    Get the Promising Look with Wigs in London

    We’re not selling wigs at IHS but we’re providing a LOOK and that’s why we make sure you look above and beyond what you’ve anticipated.
    That being said, services at IHS Hair Replacement will gives you some sure shot promises such as;

    Your wigs look purely natural, tangle free and gives you that effortless look

    Super flexible fitting all around, no matter if you're exercising, swimming or taking bath, wigs from IHS will fit abruptly well on your head

    Our hairpieces are super flexible as they will be restyled, refitted and cut as per the way you want them to look and style.


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    federico crisafulli


    Zain ul Abadeen

    Good options compare to many expensive hair replacement salon in London. I found Amaan quite honest and trustworthy and he has some good stylists as well who can take care of you.

    Damien Marques

    I've been taken by two stylists in the past where they clearly don't know what they are doing. IHS is an forthcoming and honest salon. They listen to what you are looking for and and give valuable tips on maintenance et al. This is not some money grabbing upsell that I've had in the past.

    Shams W.Pawel

    Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name of Lorem Ipsum decided to leave for the far World of Grammar. The Big Oxmox advised her

    Francesco Lo Cicero

    They are absolutely meticulous and professional and lovely people! 100%positive experience, highly recommended 👌

    Johnny Garsia

    I absolutely love the quality of their hair systems. They are so natural looking and they last a long time. I also appreciate that they always manage to fit me in on short notice

    Jennifer Baker

    I used to be so self-conscious about my hair loss, but they have completely changed my life. Their hair systems are amazing quality and the best part is that there are no long waiting times for appointments

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    Wearing a wig does not directly damage your hair, as long as you wear it properly and take care of both your natural hair and the wig. However, if not done correctly or if proper care is not taken, wearing a wig can potentially contribute to hair damage.

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    With proper care human hair wigs last up to one year and synthetic wigs last up to Six months.

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    No, It’s not recommended.

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    Yes, you can shower while wearing a wig. However, it’s important to note that excessive exposure to water and moisture can affect the lifespan and quality of the wig.

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    Non-surgical hair replacement system as it will deliver results in two hours.
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    No, one cannot naturally grow back receding hair.
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    Tap and sticky glue holds a toupee on.

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    Toupee is made for comfort and to minimize discomfort or itchiness, however some individuals may experience mild itchiness initially. This can be due to adjusting to the new sensation or sensitivity to materials or adhesives. Regular cleaning, good hygiene, and using recommended hair products can help reduce itchiness.

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    Yes, wigs look real on men because wigs are made out of real human hair.
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    Human hair wigs look the most realistic of all.
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    It completely depends on the need. The hair topper will cover only the small areas, whereas the wig will cover the entire head.
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    Ofcourse, it is okay for a man to wear a wig many male celebrities have been flaunting wigs for years.
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    Feelings associated with wigs denote embarrassment is what is believed by most men.

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