Understanding The Difference Between Lace vs Poly Hair System

Understanding the difference between Lace vs Poly hair system

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Adam Bennet

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Today’s options to cover hair loss solutions have gone through a major evolution since 1952 when hair transplantation surgery used to be the only solution to cure hair loss. As a matter of fact, in the United Kingdom, both women and men are affected by hair loss, with eight million women and six and a half million men experiencing this issue.

Raising above in the world of non-surgical hair replacement solutions, men’s hairpieces have been one of the popular choices among individuals, in-fact from the outset, there is nothing wrong is saying that they are the better option when it comes to curing hair loss ( Where, factors like no risk and guaranteed results are associated for sure).

Men’s hair pieces being one dynamic solution come with the choice between lace and poly material that greatly influences the overall look and feel of the hairpiece. Which material, poly or lace, offers a more natural appearance when the hairpiece is worn or how do these materials contribute to the realism of the hairline and overall look? We feel you and that is why we are here with this blog to address all your questions.

What is a lace hair system?

A lace base hair system is a type of hairpiece. The base of the hair system is crafted from delicate lace material, which is nearly transparent and allows for optimal breathability.

The types:

French lace ( One fine breathable element): French lace, comes with the best breathability and delicacy and stands out as a remarkably durable choice for the front of a hair system. Its natural-looking color seamlessly blends with the wearer’s scalp, creating a natural appearance.

Swiss lace ( An undetectable comfort): Swiss lace takes center stage as the most subtle and breathable base material. Soft, delicate, and incredibly thin, it offers unparalleled comfort for wearers. 

What is a poly hair system?

A poly hair system is a type of hairpiece that features a base made from a material known as polyurethane, often referred to as “poly.” 

For poly hair systems, how undetectable and natural-looking the base appears is strongly linked with the thickness of the poly base used. Practically, the thinner the base, the more natural it looks, and vice versa.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the lace and poly hair system?

The strengths & weakness of lace hair system:

Strengths :

1. The lace hair system looks real

  • One of the best strengths of the lace hair system is that it comes with the most natural and real look, the reason? It's made with human hair. But the lace system also helps in making the toupee look more realistic.
  • In a lace system, the hair strands are attached securely to the base. This makes the base almost invisible to the naked eye.
  • Usually, hairpiece wearers do not want people to know that they are wearing hairpieces.
  • That's the whole point of most of them wearing a toupee or a lace-base hair system.

2. The lace hair system is breathable

  • You can wear a lace hair system for a long time because it's designed for long-term use only.
  • But when it comes to the lace hair system they are designed to be breathable. This is because the the base of a lace system is not too solid which directly means that it allows the scalp to breathe.
  • This makes lace systems an ideal choice for people living in hot and humid climates. The lace hair system is the ideal choice for people who are active and who sweat too much.

3. The lace hair system can be worn for a long time

  • You can wear a lace hair system for a long time because it's designed for long-term use only.
  • Now here what matters is your choice of adhesive if you are opting for a high-quality adhesive then your hair system will stay intact for a long time without any worry.

4. The lace hair system comes with versatility

  • The lace hair system is also very versatile when it comes to styling. This is because you can part the hair system anywhere without having to worry that the base will be visible.
  • How can it be possible? The front portion is made of lace. The back portion of the lace hair system is made out of thicker material.


1. The lace hair system asks for special care

  • If a lace hair system comes with great benefits, it also comes with a price to enjoy those benefits and that is you need special products to take care of it.
  • So this means you also need to spend money on these special products.
  • With extra money, there is also an extra procedure to take care of the hair system, which is to maintain its natural look and feel.

2. Breathability VS Durability

  • While the lace hair system provides good breathability, it may ask to sacrifice some durability.
  • The delicate nature of lace may result in a shorter lifespan for the hair system compared to stronger materials.

3. The lace hair system needs strict maintenance

  • Lace hair systems may require more delicate maintenance.
  • Cleaning should be done carefully to avoid damage, and regular care is needed to preserve the integrity of the delicate lace material.

The strengths & weaknesses of poly hair system:

Strengths :

1. The poly hair system is known for its durability

  • Polyurethane is always been an ideal choice because of its durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Poly hair systems are less prone to damage, making them suitable for individuals with an active lifestyle.

2. The poly hair system has waterproof properties

  • One notable strength is the waterproof nature of polyurethane.
  • Poly hair systems can withstand exposure to water, making them ideal for individuals who swim regularly or live in humid climates.

3. The poly hair system is easy to maintain

  • Poly hair systems are generally easy to clean and maintain.
  • The waterproof characteristic of polyurethane makes it resistant to staining, and regular cleaning is straightforward.


1. Offers a slightly less natural appearance

  • Polyurethane material tends to have a denser look compared to lace, and the hairline may not appear as natural.
  • Achieving an undetectable transition from the hair system to the scalp can be more challenging with a poly hair system

2. Poly hair system has limited breathability

  • Polyurethane is not as breathable as lace, and this can lead to a less comfortable experience for some wearers.
  • The lack of ventilation may result in a warmer feel, especially in hot or humid conditions.

3. The poly hair system is heavier in weight

  • Poly hair systems are generally heavier than their lace hair system due to the density of the material.
  • Some individuals may find this weightless comfortable, especially if they prefer a lighter feel on the scalp.

What are the main differences between lace and poly hair systems?

Main difference

Lace hair system

Poly hair system

The choice of base material

Lace hair systems have a base made from lace material, which can be either French lace or Swiss lace.

Poly hair systems have a base made from polyurethane.

The appearance

Lace hair systems are known for creating natural and undetectable hairlines.

The look and undetectability of the base depend on the thickness of the poly skin.

The level of durability

Lace is delicate, and lace hair systems may require careful handling to prevent damage

The durability of poly skin hair systems is associated with the thickness of the polyurethane material

Here’s a nugget of knowledge: Ever wondered why your scalp feels so comfortable in a hair system?

The breathability of materials like lace or fine polyurethane in hair systems ensures optimal air circulation, making the scalp feel comfortably at ease.

Hybrid Hair System: Poly-Lace Combination Hair System.

Ever heard of a hybrid hair system? Ever wondered why your scalp feels so comfortable in a hair system?

A hybrid hair system is a combo hair system that gives the balance of a natural-looking appearance, preferred comfort, ease of wear, and possibly improved durability.

How does the hybrid hair system work and what does it offer?

This hybrid hair system combines the strengths of both materials (Lace & Poly) to offer a balanced and versatile solution for individuals seeking a natural-looking and durable hair system.

The polyurethane material may be used in certain areas of the base, providing durability and a secure attachment, while lace material is integrated in other areas, particularly at the front or top, to achieve a more natural and undetectable hairline. This combination allows wearers to benefit from the reality of lace and the durability of polyurethane, offering a great blend that undertakes various preferences and needs.

Consult with IHS Hair Replacement In London

Now if you’re struggling with what to choose between Poly VS Lace, consider consulting with IHS Hair Replacement in London.

IHS Hair Replacement in London is known for its expertise in the field, and it can offer insights into the advantages of each system type. Whether you prioritize a natural look, breathability, durability, or ease of maintenance, the experts at IHS London can guide you through the decision-making process. By understanding your specific requirements, they can recommend the most suitable option for you, ensuring that you make an informed choice tailored to your circumstances. 

Trust in IHS Hair Replacement in London’s commitment to excellence and customized service as you start your journey toward a confident and natural-looking appearance. 


The choice between a lace and poly hair system is a decision that is based on individual preferences, priorities, and lifestyle considerations. Lace systems offer a natural, undetectable appearance with breathable comfort, while poly systems come with durability and easy maintenance. For a customized recommendation based on your specific needs, we encourage you to come and consult with hair replacement specialists.

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