Understanding the double crown hair phenomenon and its potential solutions

Understanding the double crown hair phenomenon and its potential solutions

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Adam Bennet

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Double crown hair, an intriguing phenomenon in the world of hair anatomy, is characterized by having two distinct crown areas on the scalp. This unique hair pattern manifests as a division where the hair growth patterns form dual circular patterns, creating a visual “double crown” effect.
The occurrence of a double crown is relatively uncommon, the fascinating aspect of double crown hair lies in its natural uniqueness, often leading to multiple hairstyles and textures. Individuals with this hair pattern might notice that their hair parts in multiple directions, creating volume and texture that can be both a styling advantage and a confusing aspect to manage as well.

What is double crown hair?

Double crown hair refers to a distinctive hair growth pattern where an individual has two separate areas on their scalp where the hair grows in a circular pattern, creating two distinct focal points instead of a single central point where the hair grows circularly; people with a double crown have two such points.

How common is double crown hair?

Double crown hair, also known as “double whorl” is relatively uncommon but not extremely rare according to NHGRI research around 5% of the population has a double crown on their scalp.

Though uncommon, having a double crown is a natural variation in hair growth and doesn’t typically indicate any health concerns. People with double crowns often find ways to manage and style their hair to suit their preferences, embracing the uniqueness of their hair pattern.

What Causes Double Crown Hair?

Genetics: The most common cause of a double crown is genetics. It’s an inherited trait, so if one or both parents have a double crown, it’s more likely that their child will have one too.
There is no such clarity till today on exactly what are the solid “causes” through which a double crown happens to take place, a double crown in other way can also be named as one intense mystery that needs addressal.

Is Double Crown Hair Related to Balding?

It happens to a lot of us when we are suffering from those uncommon spots on our head, where we start to think that these spots indicate double crown hair or state a sign that we are starting to go bald.

We should know that dealing with the unruly area of hair isn’t necessarily a sign of impending doom. Research states that a double crown hair on its own isn’t an indicator of baldness but again it can often be mistaken for a bald spot, when in reality it is not.

Balding is a separate condition caused by various factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, aging, certain medical conditions, medications, or lifestyle factors. It often results in a gradual thinning or loss of hair, primarily at the hairline, temples, or crown of the head, leading to visible scalp or bald patches.
Now let us come to this question : Is Double Crown Hair Related to Balding? The answer is NO! Why,
  • Scientifically, there is no established connection between the presence of a double crown and the likelihood of experiencing balding.
  • These are two distinct aspects of hair characteristics, where balding usually results from factors such as hormonal changes, aging, genetics, certain medical conditions, medications, or stress.
  • None of these factors directly influence the formation of a double crown.

How to style double crown hair?

Styling double crown hair can be a bit challenging, but there are several techniques and hairstyles you can try to manage and camouflage the swirling growth pattern.
Here are some of the idea for you :
  • Ask your hairstylist for a haircut that takes your double crown into account. A skilled stylist can create a cut that works well with the natural growth pattern.
  • Experiment with different hair products such as waxes, or styling creams to tame and control the hair around the double crown.
  • Experiment with different parting styles. Sometimes changing the parting of your hair can help redirect the hair around the double crown and make it less prominent.
  • Consider using hair accessories like headbands, hats, or scarves to draw attention away from the double crown area.

How does Toupee fix double Crown Hair?

A toupee is a hairpiece designed to cover specific areas of the scalp where hair is thinning or absent.
It doesn’t specifically “fix” a double crown, but definitely it can be used to cover bald spots caused by double crown hair if someone desires to conceal it.

1. Toupee provides ultimate coverage

A double crown doesn’t signify a lack of hair, instead, it’s an area where hair grows in a different direction. Toupees are primarily used to cover those areas so, if someone with a double crown wishes to hide this specific area, a toupee can be designed to cover it, providing the appearance of a smoother hair surface.

2. Toupee offers great styling options

Once attached, toupees can be styled just like natural hair. Individuals can trim, style, and groom the toupee to suit their preferred look, which might involve techniques that help minimize the appearance of the double crown.

3. Toupee is a confidence booster

Feeling dissatisfied or self-conscious about a specific aspect of one’s appearance, such as a double crown, can impact self-image.
Wearing a toupee to cover or manage this area may contribute positively to how individuals perceive themselves, leading to increased self-assurance and a more positive self-image.


The phenomenon of the double crown in hair growth is a unique and inherent characteristic for many individuals, resulting in a swirling or whirl pattern at the crown of the head. This natural occurrence is primarily determined by genetics.
While a double crown doesn’t signify hair loss, it may create concerns about hairstyling and appearance. Solutions to manage a double crown include tailored haircuts, styling techniques, and using appropriate hair systems such as toupees that will work with the natural growth pattern.

Consult with a skilled hair stylist for personalized advice and explore different styling techniques to discover the best ways to manage your double crown hair confidently.

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