What is the Cost of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems in the UK?

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Adam Bennet

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After performing all the Google searches, asking for all the feedback, and looking for all the other options available, you have convinced your mind and yourself that let’s get the nonsurgical hair replacement done once and for all.  This innovative solution is designed for individuals seeking a non-surgical and effective means to restore not just their hair but, more importantly, their sense of self-assurance.

Now the question arises, what should be the cost of getting non-surgical hair replacement in London? Oh gosh, what if it will cost me more than my savings, what if my dream look comes with a price tag that’s a bit too dreamy? We can relate to you and are here to help and answer all your questions. All you have to do is stay with us till the end and discover everything you have on your mind about the cost of a non-surgical hair replacement system. 

What is the cost of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems in the UK?

  • The cost of a hair replacement system varies from £500 to £1500.

At the scale around £500, one can find solutions that offer a practical and affordable approach to hair loss concerns. Moving up the range towards £1500, the cost incorporates a pure human hair system, fully customized that supports advanced technology, superior materials, and careful attention to detail.

At our studio we are making sure that whether you are opting for a more economical solution or investing in a premium bespoke hair system, we present in front of you a wide array of choices that align with all your specific aesthetic aspirations, financial considerations and preferences and your mood board.

Factors affecting the cost of non-surgical hair replacement?



Type of Hair System

Hair systems like Lace, polyurethane, and monofilament may vary in cost based on materials and complexity.

Quality of hair

High-quality, natural-looking hair incurs additional costs compared to the standard options available.


Personalized systems designed to match individual preferences generally come at a higher price point.

Desired density and length

The material and construction of the base (skin, mesh, etc.) contribute significantly to the cost.The material and construction of the base (skin, mesh, etc.) contribute significantly to the cost.

Construction of base

The material and construction of the base (skin, mesh, etc.) contribute significantly to the cost.

Method of attachment used

Different attachment methods (tape, clips, glue) have varying costs and maintenance requirements.

What is the cost to maintain a hair system?

  • A maintenance of the hair system costs between £70 to £350.
  • Monthly maintenance costs : £55 - £65
  • Annual maintenance costs : £100 - £300 whereas, the annual cost is also decided by several factors, such as the hair system style you choose, your wearing experience, and how well you maintain your unit.

The lifespan of a hair system is primarily dependent on its foundation. It will work like this;

  • The greater the thickness of the base, the longer it will last.
  • The thicker the base, the less costly it will be.
  • The thinner the base, on the other side, the more realistic it will appear. For the same you'll have to spend more money.

How many hair systems do you need in a year?

You’ll likely require 2 to 3 hair systems a year.

As because the hair system can last between 4-6 months depending on care.  You can sleep, swim, shower, and perform exercise with a hair system on, and it will remain secure (This can change as all clients are different with different scalps, skin, and lifestyle activities).

Final decision

Understanding the cost of non-surgical hair replacement systems in the UK is critical to making an informed decision. Prices vary based on quality, customization, and maintenance requirements. For personalized advice and to explore options that suit your needs and budget, visit the best salon near you for a consultation with specialists today.

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