What is the difference between hair system Glue and Tape?

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You have read all the possible articles available on the Internet and gathered all the products that can take very good care of your human hair replacement systems, now it is the time when you are going to sit on the chair for the process, and in between you get the two choices – Tape or Glue? Now you’re stuck with: What should I choose?
Here is the thing, before you choose whether to go with glue or tape it is important to understand base material and base designs for example you have opted for a skin base tape will work best in contrast if you have opted for a poly skin hair system glue works well. 
So, today we are going to address all the concerns about these two adhesives to help you make a better choice between them. 

Hair system Glue

Wig adhesive glue is available in clear or white liquid form that is usually brushed on the skin to secure the hair system.
Glue-on wigs are often not that easy to use and are time-consuming as well, at the same time hair system with glue also asks for much time when it comes to cleaning, but this adhesive method has some benefits too like it offers dull shine, and minimal thickness and perfect fitting curve. This adhesive method also lets you enjoy a front undetectable especially when you are using a thin-skin hair system base.

Advantages of hair system glue

Long-lasting: Practically, the life of wig adhesive glue is quite longer than the life of wig adhesive tape, because the glue will directly come into contact with skin and will not allow water or air to settle in.
As a part of the same, to offer a stronger hold, you can simply apply more than one layer to the scalp to ensure the hair glue holds for as long as possible.  
Not visible: With glue on hair, one of its best qualities is dries out quickly and appears virtually undetectable on the scalp ultimately giving you that natural-looking appearance.
The glue is transparent and leaves no shine when applied to the scalp. The benefit of glue adhesive is that it offers that great natural look.
Accurate attachment: Apart from all the other benefits available, glue adhesive emerges as one of the flexible attachment tools. At the time of the application, the user can easily determine the area to be glued as per their own needs.
This technique will not allow any air or space left under the base of the hair system. This will also create the benefit of preventing water while you are getting a shower or going swimming. 

Disadvantages of hair system glue

Time-consuming method – Tape adhesives are easy to use but when it comes to glue adhesives they are time-consuming. During the process when the glue is applied on the scalp an individual has to wait for a certain time until the glue gets dry. 
Both over-drying and under-drying can lead to improper attachment, so it becomes very essential to wait until the glue properly dries out.
Consume more time at the time of removal – It may seem easy but it is not, the process of removing the glue from the base is a task. First, you will have to soak the hair in water and wait for the glue to get loose then take off the extra residue (if any), and lastly shampoo and rinse it.
Not suitable for sensitive skin – Glue adhesives involve a little more proportion of chemicals in comparison to tape. So this can be the main reason for discomfort to those with sensitive skin as a form of liquid. So it is important to first go for the test and apply a small amount of glue on your scalp for about an hour to see if there will be any reactions. 
Not meant for mesh materials base – The liquid of glue will seep through the base and can irritate the hair, thus glue adhesives are meant for poly base typically. 

Hair System Tape

Tape adhesives have a sticky side to stick to the hair system and a slick side made to fuse to the hard bond glue.
Wig adhesive tapes are very easy to use and take minimal time to attach and clean up a hair system. But at the same time, they are thicker, not easy to create an invisible front hairline, and sometimes they also leave a little shinning. Also, the hair weaving tape is the lightest and least damaging type of adhesive.

Advantages of hair system tape

Best hair wig adhesive for all different hair bases – Tape adhesive is the most dynamic and acceptable attachment tool that works well with nearly every hair system’s base such as French lace, Swiss lace, skin base, NPU, poly perimeter, and monofilament. 
Best hair wig adhesive for all different hair bases – Tape adhesive is the most dynamic and acceptable attachment tool that works well with nearly every hair system’s base such as French lace, Swiss lace, skin base, NPU, poly perimeter, and monofilament. 
Simple to use – Hair system tape is much easier to handle than glue because it will save a lot more time for you and your client. Also, lace adhesive tape is an excellent option for securing a lace front wig to your skin for a flawless look. At the time of installation, these tape adhesive hair systems will not create a fuss and get it installed super quickly. 
Easy removal – All you have to do is peel off the tape from the base and if you feel that the tape is stick hard to the base then simply spray a little amount of solvent on it and it will removed easily. 
Breathable – Tape adhesives provide the best breathable experience to the scalp and hair system because they do not come into contact with the skin directly. 

Disadvantages of hair system tape

Not suitable for base-like poly skin – Adhesive tapes are not an ideal match for the delicate hair system just like poly hair system that comes with a very less thickness of the base of around 0.08mm only now in this case if you use tape chances are it will tear your base while peeling off the tape.

Highlights the front hairline – When you use the tape on the edges of the hair system more typically on the front hairline, it will not create that natural look at all. The only reason behind this is that the tapes are a lot thicker in nature and have higher visibility in comparison to glue. 

Which One is Better, Hair System Glue vs Hair System Tape?

Deciding between hair system glue and tape all depends upon your preferences, always!
The glue has its benefits, it is stronger as it will firmly keep the wig on the head, is more natural-looking, and is ideal for super-thin hair systems. However, it will ask for constant care at the time of application and removal and might irritate sensitive scalps as well. 
Whereas the tapes are easier to use and are gentler on the skin, but are thicker in nature and do not offer an undetectable look. So, in all, considering your lifestyle and hair system material and design, if you want that secure hold and undetectable look, glue might be the way to go. If you prioritize convenience and scalp comfort, the tape could be better.


Both glue and tape have their own benefits that can secure the hair system perfectly. But again the ideal choice depends on your very own needs and preferences.

For better assistance, you can contact IHS Hair Replacement London today! Our experienced team can help you assess your needs and advise you with the best adhesive methods for a natural, comfortable, and confident look.

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