Are there any side effects of wearing hair systems

Are there any side effects of wearing hair systems?

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Adam Bennett


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Primarily, you have watched ten videos of how a hair system is created; you also looked at the studies & considered the past experiences of people and are still thinking: Does the hair system have side effects?
Subsequently, there’s not enough to definitively say that the hair system has side effects. At the same time, you can take comfort from the fact that there has not been any post, video, or article anywhere about a person who suffered problems from wearing a hair system.
Still, a surprising number of questions persist around hair systems that stop you from getting a hair system. We’re here to address each one of them and provide clear information to empower you to make informed decisions.

Are there any side effects of wearing hair systems?

The clear and concise answer is NO! Hair systems do not have any side effects.
But yes, there are many questions about hair systems, and we are here to answer them. Let’s get started;

Question - 1

Does the hair system really cause hair loss?


The answer is NO; if the hair system is installed correctly, removed and maintained properly, and has the right adhesives, it will never cause hair loss.
Furthermore, your hair will get damaged only when you do all these things – Adhesives pulling off your hair, no proper installation and removal.

Question - 2

Are chemicals in adhesive methods risky?


No, in fact, the chemical ingredients used in tapes and glues are removed right from the manufacturing phase!
When the tapes and glues are produced, all the chemicals at that time are removed promptly. This clearly states that the tapes or glues are entirely safe for attaching hair systems. Also, water-based glues are always safe on the skin.
Consequently, a patch test is highly recommended if individuals have extremely sensitive scalps.

Question - 3

Do hair systems make the scalp itchy?


No, hair system does not make the scalp itchy. Hair systems are designed with breathability and comfort in mind. Washing and maintaining the hair system will also offer the best comfort to the scalp.
Opt for the lace and hybrid hair system because they have netting bases with many holes and are supremely breathable. Also, now the hair systems are skin-friendly & lightweight so that the wearer can feel better and more comfortable.

Question - 4

Does the hair system’s product cause reactions on the scalp?


No! Quality hair system products never do anything to your scalp.
Scalp damage always comes from the wrong or expired products! The pre-installation phase is the best time to check and understand what works best for your users and how because, at that time, you will be working on understanding their body chemistry, the environment they live in, etc. 

Question - 5

Does the hair system stink after wearing it for too long?


No! If you follow personal hygiene & regular maintenance then it will not develop any sort of foul smell.
If you are into humidity, tobacco or excessive sweating, then this will cause a bad smell in the hair system. As a solution, wash your hair system properly! Also, dehydrate the growing hair before wearing a hair system.


To conclude, hair systems are generally safe and have no side effects. However, some people may experience occasional itching, irritation, or scalp sensitivity, and all of them are entirely normal and do not have any long-term association with the hair system; at the same time, they can be addressed by adjusting your hair system cleaning routine or the materials used in the base.

Consider scheduling a consultation with IHS Hair Replacement London to discuss whether a hair system is right for you!

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