Clip On Hair System Everything You Should Know About

Clip-On Hair System – Everything You Should Know About

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If you’re finding yourself on the lookout for a practical, stylish, and non-surgical solution to hair loss, then a clip-on hair system is the answer to that! An innovative option that’s gaining popularity among Men’s hair replacement.
Whether you’re dealing with thinning hair or want to explore new looks, clip-on hair systems has it all. They are a versatile and exciting alternative to traditional methods, allowing you to change your hairstyle as often as you like.
This blog aims to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions. Get ready, as we are here to open up the secrets of clip-on systems and see if they fit your journey to thicker, fuller hair.

What is a Clip-on Hair System?

A clip-on hair system is a non-surgical hair replacement option for men & women with thinning hair.
It is a hair system with built-in clips that attach to your existing hair for instant volume and coverage.

Who is eligible to wear a clip-on hair system?

The clip-on hair system covers multiple hair loss concerns, but one thing needs to be kept in mind: It is not one solution made for all.
Here, you see who can best benefit from a clip-on hair system –

1. Individuals with Thinning Hair :

If hair loss is making your hair appear thin, the clip-on system is for you. It can add volume and coverage for a fuller look.

2. Individuals with Partial Baldness :

Clip-on systems work best with bald patches on the crown, hairline, or temples, offering targeted coverage.

3. Individuals looking for a Temporary Solution:

Clip-on systems are an ideal choice if you want a non-permanent way to address hair loss, as they are easy to apply and remove daily.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Clip-On Hair Systems?


1. Instant Results

Forget about surgical solutions that require multiple sessions and long waiting periods. Men’s hair clip-on system offers immediate gratification and instant results, providing you with the solution you need right now.
Clip the hair system on your head(existing hair), and you are done.

2. Non-Surgical and Painless

As we know, with hair transplant surgeries, there are risks involved, and some of them are scalpels & anaesthesia. At the same time, transplant surgeries can be costly and come with a long process.
Clip-on systems are entirely non-invasive and cause no discomfort at all.

3. Natural-Looking Results

Suppose you opt for high-quality clip-on hair systems made from natural human hair. In that case, you can significantly enjoy that natural look, as the synthetic fibres in high-quality hair systems are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural hair.
Hair systems are expertly designed to seamlessly blend with your existing hair, ensuring a realistic appearance virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair.

4. Customisable

Clip-on systems come in various hair lengths, colours, and textures, allowing you to achieve your desired look. Whether you prefer short, long, or voluminous, there’s a clip-on system to match your style.
You can even find clip-on systems with highlights and lowlights( as per your style and personality).

5. Cost-Effective

In comparison to surgical hair restoration options, clip-on systems are a more affordable solution for addressing hair loss. The upfront cost of a high-quality clip-on system is relatively lower than hair transplant surgery.
Plus, you won’t have additional costs like any post-surgical medications.

6. Removable and Versatile

Wear it or remove it; it is all upon you! The clip-on hair system is worn whenever you want compared to men’s glue-on hair systems.
It is one of the go-to options for those who experience occasional hair loss or thinning. Clip-on systems also allow you to experiment with different hairstyles without commitment.


1. Not ideal for baldness

Clip-on systems are made to attach to your existing hair, so they may not be suitable for people with complete baldness; the reason is that the clips need something to grip onto for a secure fit.

2. Security Issues

It’s crucial to understand that while clip-on systems can offer a decent hold, they may only be somewhat secure for active individuals. Engaging in sports or other high-movement activities could shift the system or even detach it, underscoring the need for a more secure hair extension system.
If you have a very active lifestyle, consider a different type of hair extensions for men as your hair loss solution.

3. Constant Maintenance

Clip-on systems require regular cleaning and brushing to maintain quality and prevent tangles. Like your hair, they must be cared for to avoid matting and ensure they look their best.

4. Clip Visibility

Sometimes, as per your hair density and the quality of the clip-on system you choose, the clips that attach the system to your hair come into notice (Not good, right?) This is especially true for people with very fine hair.

5. Not a Permanent Solution

Clip-on systems are a temporary solution for hair loss. They need daily application and removal, which some people might find difficult.
If you’re looking for a more permanent way to address hair loss, you can opt for the hair patch for men, as the clip-on system does not offer a permanent solution to hair loss.

How can you put on a Clip On Hair System?

So, start with your natural hair and check if they are clean & dry.
Next, open all the clips on the hair system and place them over the area where you have thinning hair, aligning it for a natural look.
Secure the front clips by pressing them down to grip your natural hair. Then, move to the sides and back (temple areas), ensuring each clip is firmly attached.
Once all clips are secured, adjust the hair system to blend smoothly with your natural hair.
Finally, style your hair as desired for that excellent finish.

What are the things Clip On Hair System wearers should keep in mind?

  • Clip-on systems are an excellent option for daily wear, but remember to remove them when showering and sleeping.
  • Remember to match your hair colour, texture, and density for a smooth and natural blend.
  • A clip-on hair system might not be an ideal match for intense workouts.
  • Use gentle shampoos and conditioners designed explicitly for the hair system to maintain quality.
  • Regularly clean your clip hair system to maintain hygiene and longevity.
  • Periodically adjust the placement of clips to prevent tightness in the same areas.


Clip-on hair systems – A practical and effective solution for people facing thinning hair, designed to deliver a natural and confident look without surgical procedures.
You must ensure your fit, maintain it regularly, and use the right products. With advancements in hair technology, clip-on systems have become more realistic and comfortable, making them a popular choice for those seeking a non-invasive hair replacement option.
You can rely on the IHS Hair Replacement London experts anytime for personalised advice and professional services!

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